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One Taekwondo Head Instructor
Yong H. Hur (M.A, B.A., Dip Pub Admin.)

Master Hur started practising Taekwondo from 1975.  When he arrived in Perth from his native Korea in 1977, he trained under master Sok Pong Kim alongside some of Australia's leading Taekwondo practitioners. He operated three successful Dojangs in the mid 80's in Western Australian suburbs of Balga, Bentley and Kelmscott. In addition, he spent 13 years in Korea from 1992 to 2005, during which he trained under renowned Korean masters and organised many training camps at leading Korean Taekwondo universities for Australian and European students. Always passionate about Taekwondo, he personally takes classes at our full-time centre in Coopers Plains.


President, Taekwondo Diplomacy, Australia

Former Technical Director, Sports TKD QLD

President, Australian Yongmudo Assn.

Winner, Hwarang Open Sparring, Korea, 2002 


Mr. Jordan Cushing (Instructor)

Jordan has been one of the leading sparring players in Australia in his division for many years. His most notable achievements to date have been securing a spot on the Australian team for the Commonwealth Championships, and placing second at the senior world championship selections. Always full of energy, he is a popular instructor among the littlies. 

Miss Tamzin Christoffel (Assistant Instructor)

Tamzin is one of the best known Taekwondo athletes in Australia owing to her success on the world stage as a Taekwondo fighter. Having represented Australia at the world championships, Oceania championships, and the Universiade among many notable competitions, this multiple champion brings with her a wealth of talent and knowledge.

Hirai Baird (Junior Instructor)


Hirai has been training at One Taekwondo since 2013, making him one of the longest-lasting junior members of the club. He is a skilled athlete with enthusiasm for teaching. He has an excellent rapport with children.

Jasmyne Wall (Junior Instructor)


Jasmyne was an active competitor for many years as a cadet until injuries prevented her from continuing further. She is still training regularly and has found teaching very enjoyable. She is not afraid to dish out tough fitness drills to unsuspecting children :)

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