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As parents, you will want only what is best for your children. Little Tigers are too young to understand the complex philosophies of Taekwondo. That is why we have temporarily put aside the philosophical aspect of the martial art for the young Tigers, and focus on having fun. By incorporating fun-filled activities into the teaching of Taekwondo, we endeavour to improve your child's various social, physical skills as well as confidence, focus, and respect. See your child learn basic Taekwondo skills, develop coordination, and good behaviour, and see him/her interact with others in a safe environment. More importantly, see the rapid progress our Tigers make with each belt. 


By the time a student reaches this class, she/he is becoming quite skillful, and may want to try applying the learned techniques. The students will be given opportunities to apply simple techniques in controlled situations as well as to actively pursue their interest in sparring. This is also a critical time in a students' journey to realising their potential. Therefore, she/he must stay focused. Quitting at this very important stage would undoubtedly undo what has been accomplished through perseverance over the past many years & months.


Values such as respect, discipline, and courtesy are disappearing quickly today. The Mighty Rockets learn the old-fashioned values that you, as parents, were taught. You will observe our ideals match your family's principles. In the process, the Mighty Rockets interact with their mates, while taking part in diverse martial arts activities. In the Mighty Rockets program, we also teach traditional and progressive self-defence techniques (punches, kicks, and grappling) to enable children to confront threats with confidence. It's not always serious though, as we incorporate some fun elements into the training as well.

In adult Taekwondo, we train students to learn basic or advanced techniques (depending on one's skill level) and assist them enhance their mental and physical strength through traditional and progressive self-defence techniques, Poomsae and sparring. Age and gender is no barrier. Everybody is welcome.

One Taekwondo Dojang Rules

One Taekwondo School approved training/safety gear and uniform must be worn. No proper gear, no training. 

Address instructors as "Sir", Maam", "Mr." or "Miss", using instructor's surname

Face the flags and bow when you enter or leave the Dojang.

Show respect to instructors and senior belts by bowing.

Be courteous and polite to each other.

No jewelry or shoes worn during training.

Maintain discipline and self-control. Do not lose your cool.

Obtain instructor's permission before leaving the Dojang during training.


This is a class designed to allow the kids and their parents to train together in a relaxed atmosphere. 
What better way to connect with your children?

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