One Taekwondo teaches not only self-defense skills but also the importance of cultivating a healthy mind, challenge spirit and perseverance. Through group-based training, our students develop strong teamwork and understanding. One Taekwondo will work relentlessly to assess your child's needs and take great interest in them. And, as one of the premier Taekwondo centres in Queesland, it is here that students have become Australian champions, and international competitors in both sparring and Poomsae.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that uses ones hands and feet to repel an attack from aggressors. Emphasising peace and order, Taekwondo is renowned for its powerful and highly sophisticated kicks. A Taekwondo practitioner's ultimate objective is not to conquer an opponent. Rather, it is focused on self-control, virtuous behaviour, and expression of the art through precise and powerful techniques.