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The Yong-In University philosophy is to train the mind, body and soul through martial arts education in order to contribute positively to society. To that end, one of its purposes is to engage its graduates to serve as ambassadors throughout the world in their capacity as martial arts educators. Since its foundation, the university has taught Judo, Taekwondo, Gumdo, Hapkido, Ssirum (traditional Korean wrestling), Wrestling, Self-defense, and Arrest tactics.


In a major break through in their education,  Yongmudo was founded and developed by Kim Jung-Haeng, the president of Yong-In University at the time and professors in the Martial Arts College in order to create a complete martial arts system. Through the localization and globalization of the sport by the graduates, Yongmudo is expanding throughout the world. In particular, the Indonesian military have adopted Yongmudo as one of their official combat arts.

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