Why Green?


The dobok or uniform our players wear is green. Chosen by the federation  the green symbolises the ruggedness of the sport and the heritage from the foothills of the Korean mountains.

Is this MMA?


Yongmudo is not the same as MMA sport one sees on TV. Our sport is monitored and sanctioned by a world body and no facial strikes are permitted on a fallen opponent. 

Is this a world sport?


Correct - Yongmudo is played out in over 40 countries and a bi-annual world championship is held to recognise the work put in by the students across the globe. 

What ages can train?


Yongmudo as we have already explained is about the body, as there is throws involved Yongmudo caters for all ages but our instructors look to each player and maintain professional approaches to make sure the sports is safe for all. 10yrs and up is where we truly believe the sport attraction lies.

How can i get involved?

Contact the AYA and we will do what we can to assist you. If you would like to open a centre also please contact us to discuss your opportunity to join us.